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Dear Users of Gdańsk Tech information systems, we are changing the appearance of the Central Authentication Service!

The introduced changes will refresh the graphic design and improve the readability and transparency of the Central Authentication Service.


From a functional point of view, nothing changes - graphic changes do not affect the operation of the portal! All existing functionalities are still available, user accounts also remain as before, you don't need to do anything, just remember that the appearance of the login window changes.

As always, remember not to share your password with third parties (be especially careful if you receive e-mails asking you to log in to the website).

What exactly has changed?

The most important changes on the Central Authentication Service website:

  • the website is adapted to the needs of people with disabilities - more comfortable use of the website by visually impaired people,
  • the website will adapt to any screen resolution - the ability to log in to a computer, phone and tablet,
  • modern, refreshed graphics - clearer fonts, buttons and fields for entering a login and password,
  • structured content - useful information on how to log in, the ability to switch the language version of the website and the option to reset the password.

Login screen after changes:

Screen after successful login:

Login screen with notice:


Remember to log out of the system after using the services that require authentication!

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