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The password can be changed after logging in to the Moja PG portal.

You will need your current password. The process of resetting the password is described in a different part of this user guide. The password should be changed when a user has problem with downloading of the User Certificate or has received an email about expiry date of the password.


Gdańsk Tech administrators will never ask you to send or tell your password – please ignore such requests. They might, however, send a request for changing password when expiry date nears. The password can be changed at Moja PG Portal according to the following procedure.

After log in go to My account  Password change:

The password will be changed after providing your current password (old password) and new password, twice.  


The password should consist  of least eight characters, including at least one letter and at least 2 additional characters. For additional characters include digits and characters:., <> /?; ':' [{]} ~ `! @ # $% ^ & * () _ + =. As from now you will log in with new password to Moja PG, to mail and other systems.

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