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Submission of an application for an Electronic Student ID Card (ELS) is not free and generates a fee on the student's account. Before submitting an application, make sure the required address data entered in the system is correct.

If the data is accurate, select Issue of an electronic student ID card (ELS) from the Student → Documents→ Submit an application menu. If the required data is missing, select ELS issue with change of personal details.

Before you start the procedure of ELS issue, prepare a photo with the following parameters:

Before you start the procedure of ELS issue, prepare a photo with the following parameters:

  • Current photo, minimum size 240 x 300 pixels
  • Maximum permitted size: 500kB
  • Photo format: JPG

Step by step instruction

  1. Log in to the Moja PG portal and select the Student tile

2. To start the procedure, select from the Documents  menu on the top: Submit an application:

3. Then select the appropriate course the application relates to and click Next:

4. Then select application type – Issue of an electronic student ID card (ELS), or ID card application with personal data change: 

and click Next:

5. The next step is to give reason for submitting the application (if you have never had an electronic student ID card (ELS) select Make new ID card, other reasons for submitting an application are: damaged/lost ELS or change of personal details) and verify the data if you selected Issue of an electronic student ID card (ELS) or to fill in details if ELS issue with change of personal details was chosen:

6.  Next upload your photo, click Upload picture and then go to the appropriate folder, click on the photo and then Open:

7. Your picture will appear.

8. To move to step 4, click Next. Check the data you have entered before sending your application. Anyone sending an application will be held responsible if inaccurate data is provided. If the data entered is correct, select  Send application.

9. A message confirming that the application was successfully submitted will appear:

10. By clicking Close, you will be redirected to the Applications tab where you will see at what stage our application is.

11. At this stage, you can also opt out of applying for an ELS by clicking on the Resign in the Actions column. A message will appear asking you to confirm your opt-out decision.

12. You must pay for the ELS application to complete the formalities for applying for an ELS. To do this, go to the Payments → My invoices tab. In this tab, you will see the invoice for the ELS issue.

13. By clicking on the invoice number, you will enter its details

14. By clicking Generate payment slip, you will see three options for paying for the application.

  • Generate a payment print - a pdf file will be generated with a completed transfer template, which should be printed and then made at the post office or in a bank branch,
  • Pay with ePayment - by clicking on this option, you will be sent to the ePayment service, which allows you to make an immediate payment. By using this payment method you are obligated to pay an additional fee according to the service provider price-list.
  • Scan QR code for mobile payments - a QR code will be generated, which you can scan in your bank's mobile application and make the transfer.

In order to shorten the processing time of the application, you recommend paying by ePayment or by mobile payments.

After paying for the card application, in the Documents → Applications tab, the status of the application will change to paid, which means that the application has been transferred for execution. If no data or photo correction is required, the application will be forwarded to production.

You will be informed about the possibility of collecting the ELS card by e-mail, as well as by text message, if you have agreed to receive text messages.

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