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The Moja PG system operates as a web portal at the Gdansk University of Technology. The system is available at the website.


It is necessary to make your account active before the first login in to the system:

  • Students: the album number is required for activation. You have received the album number during the recruitment process; it  was sent with the welcome mail message. If you did not receive that message in expected date, please, check your spam folder.

  • Employees: the employee identification number is required for activation. The  number was given by HR Department

  • Postgraduate students: to activate the account, complete the data in accordance with the data provided during the recruitment for postgraduate studies. In the absence of a PESEL number, enter the number of the identity document provided during recruitment.

The account activation process takes place at the Moja PG Portal directly – click New account:

To make the account active you need to provide all the data required and provided during the recruitment process.

The checkbox I have Personal Identification Number should be unchecked if the Student does not have a PESEL Number (only Polish citizens have the PESEL number). Then the field Document ID will appear in place of the PESEL number field:


The password should consist of at least eight characters, including one letter and at least 2 additional characters. Additional characters include digits and following characters:., <> /?; ':' [{]} ~ `! @ # $% ^ & * () _ + =. The password should be given twice: in the Password and Repeat Password fields.

In the end the code from the picture should be typed in. If the picture is unreadable, student can see another picture. Therefore he/she should click: Change CAPTCHA.

It is necessary to authorize account by pressing the Activate account button, after completing the required fields in the form.

The system will confirm if the account was activated:


The login usually consists of the first three letters of the name and five letters of the family name. Sometimes, the system adds digits to the same login, if there already exists another user with the same login. It is necessary use the whole login (with these additional digits) to log in.

If the Student already has an account at the domain, or the Employee has an account at the domain, and they used wireless network (e.g. Eduroam) in the past, the system will show a message:  “login name exists”. This login was not changed and the old password is still valid.

Keep in mind that there is an email address created together with the account. All information from Moja PG will be sent to this e-mail address at or domain.  These include, among others information sent from the dean's office, notification about the status of submitted requests, etc. Therefore it is crucial to frequently check this mailbox. You can find further information on accessing that mailbox in other user guides.

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