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After entering the My timetable tab, you can check your schedule – however, there are conditions that must be met in order for the plan to coincide with reality:

  • The planner must create a plan and publish it to Students
  • The Dean's office must enroll the student in subjects
  • The teacher must assign the student to the appropriate study group

Plan creation and publication (Planner's task) should take place before the start of the new academic semester. The Dean's Office also enrolls students for subjects before the start of the semester (except for students who, after the end of the session, still do not know whether they will be enrolled in the next semester). Assigning students to appropriate study groups usually takes place during the first week of the academic year.

By default, the Student will see his schedule, i.e. the schedule of all classes for which he is enrolled. Before the beginning of the new academic year, to view the plan of the next semester, change the default semester displayed by clicking Select (you can also see the specific week of the plan):

The system also allows you to view the schedule only on selected courses. If a Student attends more than one course (e.g. realizes some backlog from the previous year), he can check the plan by clicking My classes on the choosen course:

After choosing the course we are interested in, we will see the classes we are enrolled in:

The selected view can be exported to the iCalendar format, thanks to which the class schedule can be downloaded to a smartphone or laptop to use it outside the reach of the Internet:

The schedule in the first weeks can change quite often – the first week or two is a stabilization period and during this time it is best to check the plan online.

If we want to know the detailed information about given classes, just click on the given box with the classes. We will then receive information about the location, teacher, course and details of implementation (e.g. frequency):

Additional information:

  • schedule is unpublished – The planner is in the process of creating the plan, please wait for its publication
  • the timetable is published, but we only see a few lectures and exercises – the dean's office did not enroll us for all classes.
  • the timetable is published, but we only have classes in the first group, and we should, for example, in the third – the teacher did not move us to the appropriate group


It may happen that the schedule ends e.g. two weeks before the session – this does not mean, of course, additional holidays, this inaccuracy results from the planning of 15 meetings (normally there are 15 weeks of meetings), including non-school days (the classes should be moved to the next week). If in doubt, you can consult the teacher.

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