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To reset password for Moja PG, you need to first collect an envelop for resetting password from the Dean’s office. Students who have chosen password reset by text message option, should have the phone ready.

In next step, open the Moja PG website and click: Forgot my password:


The password reset is not possible for blocked accounts. Account can be blocked due to following reasons: the password has expired, the account has expired, the envelope with new password which reset your old password was not used during 14 days, student is inactive, e.g., he/she has been removed from the list of students .

They are two ways for a password reset: the standard envelope with new password and reset by text message. We should choose one of them and fill in a form.

The form below is for password reset with the envelope:


It is possible to reset the password to My PG using SMS. Instructions on how to enable the consent to reset your password using SMS are available on this page. To be able to reset your password via SMS, you must have a Polish mobile phone number.

The form below is for password reset with the text message:

When the form is submitted the system will send a message to us with the ones off code. Together with the new password both should be given in the next step.

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