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After logging in to the Moja PG Portal and going to the Postgraduate Student tab, you can check your grades, messages and documents regarding your studies.


The Studies tab shows the studies you are currently participating in. You can see the subjects and your grades. 


The Messages tab contains messages from the teachers and study office.

After clicking on the subject of the message, the content will be displayed.


The Documents tab contains documents that you should read and sign.

To sign a document, click the document's icon in the Details column.

A document will be displayed in which you should verify your data and read its details.

After reading the content of the document, select the checkbox 'I declare that I have read the above document and I accept it' and click Sign.

After the document is signed, it will change its status to Document signed and the date of signing will also appear.


If the document contains data that requires correction, it should not be signed! In this case, please contact the study office to correct the data!

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