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To log in to the Postgraduate Student application, you must have an active account in Moja PG Portal. Below is an instruction on how to activate the Student's account in Moja PG Portal.

If the Postgraduate Student has already had an account in the or domain, there is no need to activate the account. You must log in using the login and password to Moja PG Portal. In case of problems with logging in, please contact the Helpdesk

Step by step instruction

Account activation takes place directly on the Moja PG portal - after entering the website, click the New Account button:

In the displayed view, select the Postgraduate Student option. The account is activated by entering all the data required and provided during the recruitment (if the listener does not have a middle name and / or did not provide it in the recruitment process, the given field is left blank). If the postgraduate student does not have a PESEL number, uncheck the box I have Personal Identification Number. Instead of the PESEL field, the Series field and the document number will appear.

The password should consist of at least eight characters, including one letter and at least 2 additional characters. Additional characters include digits and following characters:., <> /?; ':' [{]} ~ `! @ # $% ^ & * () _ + =. The password should be given twice: in the Password and Repeat Password fields.

In the end the code from the picture should be typed in. If the picture is unreadable click: Change CAPTCHA to refresh the picture.

It is necessary to authorize account by pressing the Activate account button, after completing the required fields in the form.

The system will confirm if the account was activated.

After successfully activating your account, you can log into the system.


  • persons who have an account in Moja PG Portal log in with the login of the employee's / student's account
  • persons who do not previously have an account log in to the system with the e-mail address provided during recruitment

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