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To check the recruitment results, please log in to the website

After the recruitment is completed,you can immediately see the status of your candidacy.

Clicking on Results will take you to the detailed view, where you will see information about his status, whether he has been admitted to studies or not, position on the results list and the number of available places.

It may turn out that the candidate does not complete some formalities, e.g. does not submit all the required documents to the commission, which then will not accept his / her data and, consequently, it may turn out that after the publication of the final results, the candidate will not be admitted to studies.

The candidate may not be admitted to studies also due to the failure to complete all the required data regarding the recruitment and / or personal and address data within the time allocated for this purpose. In this case, after clicking on Recruitment results, a window will be displayed with information on what formalities he did not perform in the recruitment process.

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