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PhD student may apply for a certificate.

You should start submitting the application for a certificate by logging in to Moja PG portal and selecting the Student application.

Then, from the navy blue ribbon, select the Documents tab and from it an Submit Application, which is used for electronic submission of applications (here you can also apply for an ELD).

PhD student may apply for the following certificates (the possibility of displaying some of them depends on the strictly defined status of the doctoral student, so some of them may be invisible):

  1. General certificate for PhD student
  2. Certificate confirming admission to the Doctoral School
  3. Certificate confirming the doctoral scholarship and payment of social insurance contributions
  4. Certificate of paying health insurance contributions
  5. Certificate confirming completion of PhD training at the Doctoral School
  6. Certificate confirming PhD training period at the Doctoral School
  7. Residence permit / visa certificate

Applying for a certificate - step by step:

 1. First select the appropriate course the application relates to and click Next:

2. Then select the type of application from the list (for the purposes of this instruction, we have selected the Certificate confirming the doctoral scholarship and payment of social insurance contributions, other certificates are submitted similarly). After selecting the application, click Next:


The drop-down list of the types of certificates that can be applied for may include certificates with similar names. Only the certificates relating to the appropriate doctoral school should be selected from the list - preceded by the abbreviation SzkD (only those are appropriate for the Doctoral School) or SDW (only those are appropriate for the Implementation Doctoral School), unless the certificate is needed for a visa / residence card, which does not depend on the course you are on.

3. Next select the number of items in which the certificate is to be issued (possibility to choose between 1 and 5) and fill in additional information, e.g. the period of receiving the scholarship, and click Next.

4. A summary of our application will appear, which should be checked. If the entered content does not require corrections, click Send application 

By clicking Back, you can go back to the previous step and edit the data.

5. After clicking Send application, a message will be displayed that the application has been successfully submitted.

6. By clicking Close, you will be redirected to the Applications tab, where you will be able to observe the current status of the application.

7. At this stage, you can still opt out of applying for a certificate by clicking on the Resign in the Actions column. A message will appear asking you to confirm your opt-out decision.

8. If the data is correct, the employee of the Doctoral School will accept the application for implementation, which will change the status of the application to in production.

9. When the certificate is issued, its status will change to ready do pick up. You will be informed about the possibility of collecting application by e-mail, as well as by text message, if you have agreed to receive text messages.

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