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titleSupplementing the data needed for recruitment for III degree (doctoral school)

Third-cycle studies

Available courses → University → Doctoral School → Payments  → Scans → Summary


Pay attention to the selection of the right recruitment, i.e. the selection of the right doctoral school, as there are two doctoral schools at the Gdańsk University of Technology - the Doctoral School and the Industrial Doctoral School.

Step 1: Available courses

After deciding which studies you want to apply for, you must click Apply. A list will appear with all available courses for which you are currently recruiting.

After clicking on the name of the course, basic information about it is displayed. If you want to add a course to the list of courses for which you wants to apply, you must click on Add course to preference list in the middle column.

You may select one or more courses from the menu on the left and then prioritize them according to their preferences (more preferably above). A single click on one of the available courses will display information about that course, a double click - adding or removing a course from the list of preferences.

If you chooses all the courses, you will be able to change their order during the enrollment process depending on his preferences - where you would like to go first, or completely remove from the list. To remove a course from the list, simply click on its name in the Selected courses column, and in the middle column, after the course details are displayed, click Remove from preference list.

After selecting one or more fields of study, you should read and accept the recruitment conditions for studies at the Gdańsk University of Technology and accept the declaration of correctness of the submitted data. If you fail to do so, the system will not allow you, after providing the recruitment data, to generate forms of documents to be submitted to the selection committee (if required).

It is also worth agreeing to deliver a possible decision refusing admission to studies signed with an electronic qualified signature by e-mail to the e-mail address provided in the application. Expressing consent is voluntary, however, if the consent is given, you will learn the recruitment results faster and receive the decision faster. You will not need to wait for it to be delivered by post to the mailing address provided in your application. Then click Save and go to the next step.

The data that you complete are saved when you click Save and go to the next step, as well as when you go to the next tabs in the recruitment, i.e. course selection, high school and other, even if they do not go through them sequentially.

Step 2: University

In this step you complete the information on completed 1st and 2nd cycle studies. By clicking Add university, you can add information about second-cycle studies.

Step 3: Doctoral School

In this step, you can enter information about:

  • promoter supervisor (in the case of the Doctoral School selected from the list of potential promoters supervisors announced on the school's website, and in the case of the Industrial Doctoral School in accordance with the project application submitted as part of the Industrial Doctorate competition),
  • education obtained outside of higher education,
  • subjects completed in the course of studies corresponding to the chosen discipline of study (applies only to candidates who have completed studies in fields other than the doctoral degree discipline),
  • employment (this is a mandatory element, especially in the case of candidates for the Industrial Doctoral School, who must be employed full-time in the company where the implementation project will be implemented under the Industrial Doctorate program),
  • knowledge of Polish and foreign languages ​​(in the case of the Doctoral School, at least B2 level of English is required, confirmed by a language certificate accepted by the school),
  • bank account and tax office,
  • contact person (it is advisable to provide the name and contact telephone number of the person to be notified in the event of an accident).

Step 4:  Payments and documents

In this step you will see information on fees for the recruitment procedure.

You may use three payment options:

  • Generate a payment print - a pdf file will be generated with a completed transfer template, which should be printed and then made at the post office or in a bank branch,
  • Pay with ePayment - by clicking on this option, you will be sent to the ePayment service, which allows you to make an immediate payment. By using this payment method you are obligated to pay an additional fee according to the service provider price-list.
  • Mobile payment - a QR code will be generated, which you can scan in your bank's mobile application and make the transfer.

In order to shorten the processing time of the application, we recommend paying by ePayment or by mobile payments. In this step, you can indicate the type of tuition fee waiver.


In the case of applying to a doctoral school, it is required to submit a recruitment participation form. The form should be downloaded by clicking Download the enrollment form, then printed, signed and and

the scan of the

delivered to the School Office along with the other required documents, or if you reside outside Poland and cannot submit them in person the scans of these document should be attached in the system in the next tab

along with the other required documents


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Step 5: Scans

In At this step, you can upload and add scanned scans of documents, for example, a recruitment form, secondary school-leaving examination certificate, Olympiad diploma i.e. an enrollment form (personal questionnaire), a document confirming education, translation of documents into Polish and others (if required). Sending scans is possible after paying the enrollment fee.

To add a document, click Select in the Upload file window, select a document saved on your computer, then select the type of document from the drop-down list and complete the description, and then click Add. The document will appear in the Uploaded files column.


If you complete all the required data correctly, information will be displayed in the Summary tab.

If all data is complete and correct, click Save and send.