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We present the most important properties of the client's interface after the software update.

After the update, instead of the bookmark system, e-mails are now opened in individual windows. This solution allows you to view and edit many messages at once. You can close or minimize the opened e-mail messages and then re-enter them. Minimized messages are now displayed at the bottom of the screen.
The above mechanism has been duplicated, including in the Calendar and Address Book. Adding events, meetings and contacts takes place by opening a new edit window. In this way, when adding a meeting or a new contact, you can also view an e-mail, calendar or other PG Post tools.

The tools available on the toolbar can now be found in the new menu, which is located in the upper right corner (next to the refresh icon). This solution is responsive, it facilitates Gdańsk Tech Webmail service on mobile devices and allows quick access to the most important tools (e.g. Calendar, Address Book, Tasks). The previous navigation bar has been removed, which saves space and simplifies the look of the entire interface.

After switching to the Gdańsk Tech Webmail settings, you will find additional items in the list of options available to configure. This solution enables even faster access to the most important functions of the program, eg signature, e-mail profile configuration, anti-spam protection. Among the available features, the new monitor of active mail clients is new. With it you can check on how many devices you are logged into your email inbox, and then disconnect all connections with one click.

The calendar has been expanded with an additional view that allows even better access to key events and meetings.
Just like when you compose an e-mail, you can now implement it in a new window by adding or editing an appointment. You can close or minimize open meetings and then return to editing them. Minimized meetings are displayed at the bottom of the screen.
The most important change, is the ability to view all available calendars at the same time. In the previous version of the application it was not possible.

The button used to log out from the application has been moved to the action menu. To finish working on your email, click on the profile picture in the upper right corner and log out of Gdańsk Tech Webmail.

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