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The eLearning platform is available under the address.

To log in to the platform, find the Log in option (in orange background) on the right side of the top bar.

A login view will be displayed in which you can:

  • log in using the Gdańsk Tech university account (login details are like for the Moja PG portal) – this method of logging in should be used by students, Gdańsk Tech employees and people cooperating with the University (having an active account on the Moja PG portal),
  • log in using the local Moodle platform account – this method should be used by participants of postgraduate studies, courses organized for Gdańsk Tech, participants of programs (e.g. Zdolni z Pomorza) and any other persons unrelated to the University (without an active account on the Moja PG portal),
  • create a local account on the Moodle platform – if you do not have it yet, and you need to access certain materials (and you do not have an active account on the Moja PG portal),
  • reset the password for the local account on the Moodle platform – if you do not remember the password for your local Moodle account.

Logging in using a Gdańsk Tech account (account for Moja PG portal)

If you are a student, an employee of the University or a person cooperating with Gdańsk Tech (having an active account on the Moja PG portal), in the login view, use the access method on the left, that is, log in to the Moja PG account. After indicating this selection, the window of the Central Login Point will be displayed, as in the figure below.

The window should contain:

  • user name (login) – such as to the Moja PG portal: a login written without the domain (or, usually created from the first three letters of the first name and the first five letters of the surname,
  • password – such as to the Moja PG portal.

If the login details for the Moja PG portal are unknown to you or you do not remember them (e.g. login, password), you can:

  • Reset the password to the Moja PG portal by yourself using a code sent by SMS (provided that you have activated this option in Moja PG) – on the page
  • Receive an envelope from the Dean's office of your faculty with a data to reset your password – to use on website
  • Contact personally to the Gdańsk Tech Helpdesk (along with a document certifying your identity) – in order to reset the password and/or obtain information about your login

Creating a local account on the Moodle platform

If you are a participant in post-graduate studies, a course organized for Gdańsk Tech, a participant in a dedicated program (e.g. Zdolni z Pomorza) or you are professionally unrelated to the University (i.e. you do not have an active account on the Moja PG portal), in the login view use the access method on the right side, that is, from the Moodle account.

2. In the form displayed, enter:

  • username (login), you want to use on the eLearning platform,
  • password, you want to protect access to your account on the eLearning platform,
  • e-mail address of the account you are actively using – an automatic message with a link confirming the activation of the account will be sent to the given address.
  • name,
  • surname.


If the message does not reach the Inbox of your email account within 5-15 minutes, check if the message has been classified as Spam

3, Wait 5 to 20 minutes and check if an automatic message with a link to activate your local Moodle account has arrived at the e-mail address provided. If the message does not seem to have arrived – just in case, check the contents of the Spam folder in your email account.

4. If the message has arrived – click on the link contained in the message, which will finally confirm the activation of your account.

5. If it's been over 30 minutes and the activation email is not visible in the Inbox or in the Spam folder of your email account, try to set up your local account again, paying special attention when entering your email address, login and password. Perhaps during the first attempt to create an account, there was a spelling mistake in email address, so that the message was sent to another person (if an address with such a word exists) or could not be sent (if the address does not exist)

6. If despite the attempts, the message does not reach your e-mail account, contact the Gdańsk Tech Helpdesk, providing all necessary details of the case.

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